Sparkles and tings

Happy long and Easter weekend to all of you!
Another over due outfit post; another black on black look.

march 118

I originally wanted this to be a retro look, but decided the jacket I wanted didn’t work, so I added a touch of vintage with this silk novelty print blouse. It was around $6 I think from Talize thrift store. Its tucked into my pants loosely, wrapped with a skinny red and gold detailed belt from Primark for 1£. A matching vintage red bead necklace as well as my gifted Ivory from my big brother.

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Je T’aime

I’ve been feeling very edgy with my style lately, so expect to see a few more casual and dark outfits as oppose to my flirty and light vintage persona over the next little while.March 079

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Mini Feature

Take a look at my first mini feature on another blog.

Leah Loverich runs an authentic vintage blog by the same name, as well as a tumblr known as 1940sthrowback. She often asks her followers to submit and contribute to her posts and I decided to take part in this last post. The topic is other’s perceptions of you based on your look, and the truth behind it.

You can read it here, enjoy x

Leopard Print

Forgive me for the absence again. But I come back FIERCE with some catlady pictures. A few brothers and sisters went out for a small lunch date a couple weeks back to a new place called Joey’s Yorkdale.


My little brother Kwamu looking swagged out and I. Yes I did say little, read about our relationship inside!

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A Night in Vegas

I haven’t been for a night out in a while but my sister Sonya turned 21 and did it big; IN VEGAS! Okay okay a Vegas themed birthday, but amazing none the less.
Vegas 1

Check out the beautiful Birthday Showgirl!

Birthday girl
She hand made her costume by adding jewels to a bodysuit. It looks fabulous.

Go inside for many more photos of the night!
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