One Year!

Apparently, my blog was started a year ago! Sadly, I’ve been to caught up to even realise, let alone stay up to date.

The pictures in this post are from a Sorority dinner we hold at the beginning of each semester. The food wasn’t anything special but the company made up for it. Many sisters came out as did our new pledges for the semester, accepting their bid.

Sept 126

This is only about one third of the table but you get the point.


Spending the night with girls you love is always fun! My Beta sister and I (we crossed at the same time).

Now onto my outfit!

This is one of my favourite dresses, and even though I bought it in the summer, I couldn’t avoid wearing this thick (possibly 40’s or 60’s) pencil dress multiple times during the heat! A slip underneath to keep it safe from all the elements 😉

mash 007I found it at Black Market (the downstairs one) on Queen. Which is a great vintage shop cuz everything is priced at either $5 (on sale) or $10! This dress was $10 when I got it and it fit me so well I fell in love.

mash 018A simple shape and pattern, joined with a full round collar. My loafers are some of my faves, but beginning to die on me. They’re an indian-style shoe with beading on the toe-front and mesh on the sides. I hope they last! My mum found them a while ago.

mash 030

mash 032Now you can see the print; alternating taupe and yellow squares. My belt is Kate Spade and super cute!

mash 043I love my accessories for this outfit! When I went to the St. Lawrence Market my mum was looking through some jewellery bins where everything was $2. I found this brooch and fell in love, possibly ceramic flower. She was looking and found these great earrings, possibly a matching set! But they are a rubber based flower on a screw back – vintage for sure! My hair clip is a floral band that belonged to my mum and held my hair up quite nicely.

Thank you to all who have been following me and my blog for the past year. Please forgive me for the disappearing acts, but stay tuned!

Ritzz Aria x


4 thoughts on “One Year!

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    • I know! trust me, you’ve been so much more active as of late, I need to get on it. Ah ‘the black hole’. Id love to go with you one day (:

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