The Worst Blogger Ever Award Goes To…


Forgive me for being awful at maintaining my site and updates this past year. I really don’t have any excuses. A lack of motivation, mixed with super busyness and an attempt to avoid wasting valuable study time on the internet kept me away from my laptop and Putting on the Ritzz lately. With a couple nudges from friends and fellow bloggers, I am hoping to start off another year on here.

What better way to do it then with my new years outfit?


Excuse the location of these pictures, but at 2am on the first day of the new year, nothing is open except a local coffee shop I spend too much time at. My family and I came for some hot chocolates and snacks after attending a beautiful reflection process and prayer at church. Maybe not your typical New Years Eve ritual, but I know nothing else for me.


I went for a modern rockabilly look for the event. A Betsey Johnson silk dress, with rouching sweet heart and a little flare at the bottom. I love the length! I  bought this dress off an old coworker even though a little loose, I couldn’t pass it up. Length is so hard to find on a dress now a days. I paired it with loads of black, dark opaque tights, these amazing patent mary-janes from Sirens for $10, a black cropped cardigan with puff sleeves from Urban Behaviour for $4 and a vintage black patent leather clutch from mama’s closet. The flowers were able to pop off the silk with all the dark contrast. On my arms are two thick plastic bangles mum very recently thrifted for me.


I’m not sure of the history of my necklace, but I believe its from Egypt or Ivory Coast. An enemal type rock, in pink and black. The fan-like earrings, thrifted, and hiding is a tiny pink hair bow beside my front roll. I finally managed to do victory rolls in my hair but by the end of the night, they didn’t look so victorious!

Did anyone make any Resolutions this year? How about any interesting methods of celebrating the new year?


Ritzz Aria xx


15 thoughts on “The Worst Blogger Ever Award Goes To…

    • Thank you so much for taking a peek at my blog Shermy! It was a pleasure meeting you, I can’t wait to start coming out with TVS and being surrounded by you lovely (and well dressed) people.

  1. lol, yes I showed the hair!! I will most likely wear it more in the summer. Must easier! When are we going to see more rid vintage styles from you!! We must hang out when the weather gets better. I know school does not make it very easy!! Anyways, keep in touch!

  2. Girlll, gimme that dress!!! AHaha I’ve missed you woman, in a weird way!
    How are you? Do you have Instagram? Let’s chat somewhere, lol hope that didn’t sound creepy. I follow you on Tumblr! Haha Ok, just thought of you hun, hope all is well.

    • I miss you too girl! Yes I follow you on insta actually I’m a_string_of_pearls I miss seeing your blog posts, for some reason my bloglovin’ doesn’t like your page too much so I tend to miss a lot of them, Your IG gives me a heads up at least. Speak soon xx

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